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Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Holiday Season...

...has sucked big time.  It started Tuesday night with C getting sick.  She was better by Christmas Eve, thankfully.  Christmas morning found me sick, and by afternoon B wasn't feeling too good.  B and I are still sick.

Of course, even though I was sick, I was still expected to cook Christmas dinner.  Had two people that were supposed to come over for that dinner.  One decided to come around 5 hours early, the other around 4 hours early.  And neither one of them wanted to help out in the kitchen, nor help with any of the clean up.  Okay, yes, they were guests.  But as a guest, you do not show up that early to a dinner you have been invited to unless you are going to help do something!  And if you are 4-5 hours early, and you see the hostess is not only sick, but taking care of a sick child, then offer to do something!

R & C both said it was their best Christmas ever, so they at least enjoyed it.  B enjoyed all his gifts after he took a nap.  If you ask R & C what their fave gift was, they will both say, "My DS."  B's fave gift seems to be his tools 

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