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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Vents For the Day

Vent #1
If you ask me to babysit your kids and say you will drop them off at a certain time, let me know if you end up not needing me to watch them. I do have a life. I don't just sit on my butt at home all day long, and I do have things that I need to do and places I need to go. I am willing to watch your kids, but if you don't need me then I do have better things to do than to make sure I am at home when you are supposed to be here.

Vent # 2
If you are an adult, then you should not need to call me to tell me that you need to go to the doctor like I'm the one that needs to call to make an appointment for you. I call to make appointments for my kids because they aren't old enough. And I'm not going to hold your hand while you make that call to make the appointment. Nor am I going to drag all 3 kids along to hold your hand at that doctor appointment. If I can give birth ALONE, then you can tell the doctor alone that you are sick. I not only make my doctor appointments myself, I go to them by myself because I am an adult, and that is what adults do.

Vent #3
If you are well enough to drive all over town, then drive an additional 20 minutes from town to get to my house, then you are well enough to drive your own butt back into town. If you car broke down at my house that's one thing, but just not wanting to drive is not worth me corralling all 3 kids into my truck, then listening to them fight all the way into town and all the way back home.

Vent #4
If you don't have kids, and have never raised them, then do NOT tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing to raise MY kids. Raising kids and just being around kids are two totally different things. You may say now things like, "When I have kids..." but I can guarantee that you will change your tune once you have kids. I too used to be one of those that said, "When I have kids..." And especially don't tell me how to take care of my kids when you can't even take care of yourself!

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