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Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing Exciting

Nothing too exciting happened over the weekend. The kids did some fishing, and R helped Pawpaw and me do some mowing. R & C got to go to the park with my cousin Saturday, and he took them out for ice cream afterwards.

Anyway, I finally got more pictures of B's "boo-boos" on the computer. These are from 2 days after he got the stitches out. I still need to take pictures of how it looks now, but it is looking good. As you can see from these pictures, even 2 days after the stitches were taken out, it looked better than the day they were taken out. They only things I have been doing with his wounds is cleaning them with plain ole soap and water, then gently rubbing in a little pure aloe (not that stuff you get at the drugstore) and Vitamin E.

His head

His face just 2 days after the stitches were taken out.

And check out my other blog, Crystal's 3 C's, and see the newest baby blanket I have finished for a friend.

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