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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not a Good Winter

This winter has just been the pits. It all started 2 days before Christmas. That is when Chey started to run a fever, and was vomiting. Her fever finally broke Christmas Eve night. Only for me to wake up Christmas morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck and having to blow my nose every 2 minutes. The afternoon brought Brian vomiting. Thankfully, Ray got by without any of it.

Chey and Brian got better, but I didn't. The month of Jan brought Pneumonia for me. Then a couple weeks ago Chey was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Then this past Saturday night, Ray started to complain that his throat hurt. Sunday he was running a fever that didn't want to go down too much, didn't want to eat because his throat hurt him too much, and he started vomiting. Since it was a Sunday on a holiday weekend, I took him to the ER. The poor boy has strep throat. Monday night Chey started running a fever again, but thankfully it was gone by morning and didn't come back.

And for me, it has just been one cold after another this winter. We have never been sick this much before. I wish I knew why this winter is different.

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