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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stupid Adults & Rude Children

As I mentioned in my previous post, Ray was diagnosed with strep throat on Sunday night. We were supposed to have company (a friend and her kids) on Monday morning. I let her know that Ray had strep throat since most parents would not bring their children (aged 9, 7, and 4 months) around a sick child. Not only did she still come over, the original time she was supposed to come was 10 am and didn't come until 1 pm (um, things to do here).

While here, her 9 year old tried to tell me Brian wasn't allowed in Ray's room, that my dog was too big to me inside, that Brian wasn't allowed to be near the baby, that Brian was annoying, that Ray needed to be allowed to play outside since he was feeling better, etc. When Brian decided to play on the computer, the 7 year old ran and jumped into the computer chair trying to keep Brian from playing.

The whole time the mother just sat there, not saying a word to her kids. I said stuff of course, and so did my mother. I would never let me kids get by with talking to an adult the way this 9 year old was talking to me, or let my kids act this way. Not only would I correct them, they would be disciplined

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