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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shoe Shopping

On Saturday, I had to take the kids shoe shopping. R goes through shoes like water. If he doesn't grow out of them, he wears them out. He had boots, but was in need of some tennis shoes. Since K wasn't home this weekend, I was going to have to take all the kids. Since it is always so much fun (insert sarcasim here) taking all 3 kids to the store, my dad offered to go with to help. Not only do they want to fight in the truck all the way to the store, they can't get along in the store, forget their manner, ask for everything they see (like most kids do), try to go off on their own, etc.

On the way home, my dad told me he sees why I am always so stressed out when I get home from taking all 3 kids some place together.

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