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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break - Day 1

Today was the first day of Spring Break for my kids. It started with Brian rubbing sunscreen all over the kitchen floor and some pictures. Then either Ray or Chey decided casting Brian's fishing pole in the house was a good idea...I know it wasn't Brian since he doesn't know how to cast yet. He has a Spongebob fishing pole that has one of those things that tie on the end to give it some weight to help learn casting. So one of them casted the thing and got Plankton stuck in a plant hanging from the ceiling. Then instead of coming to get me, they just pulled on it to get him unstuck. They got him unstuck alright...along with half of the plant! Of course, Ray said it was Chey, and Chey said it was Ray. The both got a talking to since the plant was right in front of the window!

Who knows what the rest of the week will hold. But I am sure by the time school starts back, I will be ready for a padded room. And even saying that, I wouldn't trade my kids for anything in the world.

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