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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Many Books

I like to cook, and I love to try out new recipes. I mostly look for new recipes online, print it off, then put it in a binder I have for recipes. I personally don't have many cookbooks. The ones I have, the recipes I like from them are copied for my binder. The cookbook is then put away or given away.

But I was cleaning the bookshelves of a relative recently. There were something like 100 cookbooks on one of them! There were fat ones and skinny ones. Big ones and little ones. Ones bought at stores and ones made for fundraisers (schools, churches, etc). There were ones dedicated to main dishes, side dishes, desserts, etc. Just about any kind of cookbook you can imagine was there. But how many cookbooks does a person really need? How many cookbooks does a person that does not even cook need?! What about if that person only cooks rarely and then from a box?

Seriously people, a person does not need that many cookbooks. If you have a ton of cookbooks that never get opened at all, then those cookbooks are doing NOTHING for you except creating clutter!

Same with any kind of books. If you have books that you have read, that you have no intention of ever reading again, why let them cause clutter. Pass them onto someone else to read by giving them to a friend, the library, the hospital, nursing homes (yes, the elderly do still like to read). I love books and yes I have a lot (plus I go to the library about once a week). But the books that are mine, once I read them leave the house. I take mine to my sister, who passes them on when she is done with them.

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