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Thursday, January 21, 2010

B & His Lead Poisoning PART 1

I started out making this one post, but it started to turn into a book.  Therefore I am breaking it into different posts.
My youngest son, B, who is 3, was diagnosed with lead poisoning last year.  The normal levels in children should be less than 10, and at the time, his levels were 27!  We had someone come out and test the home we were living in at the time to discover the source.  It was the mini blinds the landlords had in there when we moved in.  Out of the 12 sets of mini blinds in the house, only 1 did not test high for lead!  We got those taken out, and his levels started dropping slowly. 

Every time B had to get a blood draw to test his levels, his results were sent to the "lead coordinator" in the county and it was her job to send the results to me.  This lady was great about getting the results to me.  As soon as she got them, she would call me to let me know.  She would then send a copy of the results to me, and let me know if he needed to be retested.  It was her responsibility to get the results to me, and she made sure she did it.   

A few months later, we moved to another county.  I called the lead coordinator in this county, just to make sure the case had been transferred over here.  To start with, I called her office about twice a week for almost 3 weeks.  Each time she was either not in the office, or was on the phone so I was given her voicemail.  I never got a call back from her.  So finally one day while out and about, I popped into her office.  I finally got to talk to her.  I tell her my son has lead poisoning, that we had just moved from another county, and I just wanted to make sure that his case had been transferred to this county.  She looked up his case to make sure she had it.  Then she told me, "Your son has lead poisoning."  Um, yeah, didn't I just say he had lead poisoning! 

My next post will go into detail of my dealings with this woman since then.  Or should I say lack of dealings.

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