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Monday, January 25, 2010

B & His Lead Poisoning PART 3

Anyone that follows me on twitter saw a few days ago how I was ranting about the lead coordinator of this county.  Thankfully, I have calmed down some since then.

This lady finally called me back the morning of the 21st, after I had left I don't know how many messages for her since October!  Whatever happened to people returning calls in a timely manner?  Anyway, she was claiming the only results she had were from the last county we lived in.  That she didn't have any results from getting B tested in this county.  Whatever.  The hospital lab has it in their records that they were all faxed to her.  Heck they had even faxed December's results to her AGAIN the day before she called me, yet she claimed she didn't have those either.  I told her exactly what his levels were (and called the hospital to have them faxed to her yet again).

During the call, she also informed me I needed to make an appointment for the guy from the Lead Abatement Program to come back out to retest the house, and that I needed to take B back in now for another lead level check.  I told her that unlike her, I kept up with what I was supposed to do, and that the house had already been retested.  I also told her it was not time for B to get another level check seeing that he is supposed to get it checked at this point every 8 weeks and not every 4 weeks, and it had only been 4 weeks since his last check. 

She calls me back about half an hour later to tell me, "His levels were what you said they were.  The guy retested the house, just like you said he did, on the date you said he did.  And you were right, he is supposed to get checked every 8 weeks just like you said."  I felt so much like being childish and telling her, "I told you so."  But some of the things I did tell her not appropriate to post here.  This is one of my children we are talking about here.  I don't know what kinds of other parents she deals with, but I for one keep up with any medical tests and/or care my children need...especially something as serious as lead poisoning! 

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