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Thursday, January 21, 2010

B & His Lead Poisoning PART 2

Before I pick up where I left off in my last post, I just want to mention that when B gets his lead testing done, the hospital lab is required to send the results to the county lead coordinator.  It is then the lead coordinator's responsibility to get the results to me in a timely manner.  I am also just going to write about the last 3 times B has had his lead levels checked.

I took B in August to have his blood drawn for his lead level check.  I waited for the results to come to me in the mail.  Finally I called the lead coordinator.  She claims the lab never sent her the results.  So I call the lab.  They have it in their computer that they DID fax her the results already, but they fax them to her again while I am on the phone with them (the lab).  This was morning time.  I get a call from the lead coordinator the next afternoon.  She didn't even tell me the levels (which I knew from calling the lab), she just told me, "B's lead levels are high, and he has lead poisoning."  Yeah, lady, I think we've already been through this...I ALREADY KNOW THAT!  She still never told me his levels, and never sent me a copy of the report she got (like she is supposed to do). 

He was due for another lead check in October.  Again, after I took him in, I waited for her to give me the results.  Again, I didn't get anything.  I tried calling her, leaving messages on her voicemail.  Never got a call back from her.  I call the hospital lab again to get the results (it is really against their policy to give out results over the phone, but they are great and give them to me anyway).  They have it in their computer that they have faxed the results to her not once, but TWICE.  And they fax them to her a 3rd time. 

By the time December rolled around, and it was time for yet another lead check for B, I STILL had not heard a word from the lead coordinator on his results from October!  She is the one that is supposed to get the results to me.  That is supposed to be her responsibility and hers alone.  B went the Monday before Christmas to get his lead check.  I had the results just before the New Year because I again called the lab and they gave me the results. 

It is now almost the end of January.  It has been over a month since B's last lead check.  If I hadn't called the hospital lab, I still would not have the results of that lead check!  I still haven't heard a word from the lead coordinator.  When I called the lab last month, they again had it in their computer they had faxed the results to her.  Wednesday (Jan. 20) afternoon, I decided to try to call her.  Of course she was out of the office.  So I asked to speak to her supervisor.  I let her supervisor know that since moving to this county, I have had to call every single time to get his results because she isn't giving them to me.  I let the supervisor know that I have left several messages for the lead coordinator, and have not gotten a call back since September!

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  1. I say give them HECK about this Crystal and be a momma bear! hehehe :)