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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Little B

My little B can be such a sweetheart at times.  I have been sick since Christmas Day.  I just couldn't seem to shake what I thought was just a cold.  After running a fever for 4 days in a row, I decided this past Monday I needed to go to the doctor.  B had to go with me since I had no one to watch him.  The whole time at the doctor's office, B was patting me, telling me, "It okay, Mommy, the doctor make you better."  Well, the doctor did help to make me feel better, giving me prescriptions for my pneumonia.  It was so sweet of B to help "comfort" me during the doctor's visit though.

Then yesterday B was running around in circles, and gave me a game, telling me to push the "banana" buttons (the yellow ones).  He said it would turn him off.  So I pushed them.  He told me I did a good job turning him off and also told me, "You so brave, Mommy." 

This kid just cracks me up

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