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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

B & C

B was so cute today. He kept singing, "You Are My Sunshine." Or at least trying to. It was more like, "You sunshine, sunshine, happy, skies gray." But it was still cute just the same. But I knew something was up when he told me about 45 minutes before bedtime that he wanted to go to bed. He seemed to be doing okay though. He had a cough, but no fever or anything. Then about an hour and a half later he started calling for me and ASKING for medicine. He HATES medicine. Poor baby was running a fever and coughing. Getting him take anything other than his vitamins is usually a pain in the butt. Not tonight though. Tonight he grabbed the little medicine cup as soon as I got it measured out and downed it. Then he went back to bed.

C told me tonight that if I didn't waste money on stupid things then I would have money to buy her everything she wants. I asked her what stupid things I waste money on. Her reply was, "Groceries." So in case none of you knew, going to the grocery store once a week and buying food to eat is now a waste of money. And if we all just quit buying food then we would have enough money to buy our 4 year olds everything they want. You know, because every 4 year old just needs a Touch-n-Brush, or Smooth Away, or whatever else they see on commercials.

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