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Monday, May 25, 2009

Stitches are out

B got his stitches out on Friday morning. Everything looked worse after he got his stitches out than it did with the stitches in, and that's counting the same day he got the stitches! Here are a couple pictures of what he looked like on Friday, after the stitches came out.

Here is his head. It actually looks worse in the picture here than it did in person, but it still looked bad in person.

And here is his face. It just looks worse than it did with the stitches. Those are steri-strips on his face for those wondering. And for some reason the doc put Betadine on OVER the steri-strips.

B is doing good though. I have a couple pictures that I took yesterday of his face and head that look so much better than he did on Friday. I just need to get those pictures onto the computer. I have been just washing the area with soap and water, and putting PURE aloe (none of that wanna be aloe that you get at Walmart or Walgreens) on his wounds, and they are doing great.
Hope you all had a great Memorial Day. We did here. We went to my grandpa's grave. We also had people over for a cookout, and spent a nice day outside.
R spent a lot of time over the weekend out at the pond with his Pawpaw. Last night Pawpaw stayed up until midnight cutting up fish. And tonight he was cutting up fish until 10 pm.
C did a little fishing over the weekend also. She only caught 3 or 4 fish though. But she claims the ones she caught were about 2 foot long, lol.

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