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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A Cheeseburger

This evening, I found a turtle under my truck. I brought the little bugger in to show B since he had never seen one in person before. Mr. Turtle was even poking his head out for us and everything. So I show B, and ask him if he knew what he was. He replied, "It's a cheeseburger!" I had to explain to him that it was a turtle, just like Franklin (a show on Noggin for those of you without kids).

C wanted a Reese cup yesterday, so she told me she needed to borrow my driver's license to drive down to the gas station to get one. Yeah, because I'm going to just hand my license and truck keys over to my 4 year old. She wasn't happy when I would just hand everything over and let her go. She still hasn't figured out that she isn't tall enough to see over the steering wheel, let alone reach the pedals.

B had to go for another blood draw for them to check his lead levels today. Poor baby. I was very proud of him though. There was a 5 year old little girl that went ahead of him and was getting the finger prick lead test and she was screaming so loud the whole time she was back there and then still crying for a good 5 minutes after she came out. B cried for less than a minute. Of course, I guess if you just had stitches put in your face and head less than a week ago, a little poke in the arm is nothing even at the ripe old age of 3.

Speaking of B's stitches, he is getting them out on Friday morning. He hasn't pulled any out so far, although he did scratch off a small part of scab in between a couple stitches.

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