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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Other Blog

BTW, for anyone interested, I have some pictures up on my other blog, Crystal's 3 C's. A few of one crochet project I have done in the past (going to put more up soon). And some of a few cakes I have made, that aren't very good, but I did them myself.

B was still running a fever today, but seems to be doing better now. He actually took a nap on his own today!

R threw a fit from the time he got home from school until bedtime tonight.

C decided to go to church with Pawpaw tonight. She kept saying she was going on a "date" with Pawpaw. I told her that Pawpaw was only going to church and no where else, so she told me, "I'll just talk to him about that!" Apparently, she did talk to him about that because he called not too long after church to ask if I wanted anything from Dairy Queen, lol. My little girl has her Pawpaw wrapped around her little finger, and she knows it!

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