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Monday, May 4, 2009


For some reason, K couldn't mow the yard before leaving for the week. So I get to do the job now. What sucks though is that my dad's trailer is loaded down with things, so I can't borrow his riding mower cause I can't get it over there. So I get to mow my whole yard with a push mower!!! I didn't even get a quarter of the yard done today but I am sooooooo sore from what I did get done! Have to do more tomorrow.

C was so cute while I was mowing though. First she had to tell me how to start the mower (and she was right). Then when my brother showed up with his mower too, C said, "Now we have 2 mowers mommy and I can help you." I am sure she would push around the mower if I let her too.

C spent this evening helping Pawpaw put plant food on the some new trees he planted around the pond. B was walking with them and slipped into the pond! It freaked Pawpaw out, but he said Brian just stood up and walked out of the pond and refused to come in until his Pawpaw did.

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