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Saturday, May 16, 2009

B update & some pics

B has been doing fine. He had fun playing outside, and watching Pawpaw change oil in the car. He didn't put up too much of a fight when it came time to take his meds, he is usually a fighter when it comes to taking meds. He has been doing pretty good about not trying to mess with the stitches on his face, and hasn't tried to touch the ones on his head at all. When he goes to touch his stitches, he stops as soon as I tell him not to, and then goes a couple hours with leaving them alone before he starts trying to touch them again.

A couple people have been talking about how bad his scar is going to be on his face. My thoughts on him scarring is that I don't care if he has a big scar or a little scar. I'm just glad that he is okay. I know it could have been worse, and I am thankful that it wasn't worse (this was bad enough). The most important thing is that he is okay.

Here are some pictures of all of his "boo-boos." Some were taken at the hospital right after they got the stitches in (with my cell), and some were taken at home right after we got home. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT look at these pictures if you can't deal with the sight of blood.

This is the least of B's injuries. He has some scraps and a bruise on his back
Here are the stitches in his head. I can't get a very good picture of them because of his hair. But there are 9 stitches in there (well, the doctor said 9, but I when I counted today, I counted 10).

Here is the side of his face. There are 8 stitches there.

This was at the hospital, with my cell. My poor baby

This one was at the hospital also, after the stitches.


  1. Poor baby. I'm glad he's starting to feel better.

  2. wow! That looks really bad! Bless his little heart... I hope he's doing better.