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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Poor B

B and I were outside today. I was sitting on the porch and he was playing in the yard. One of the dogs decided to just run up and bite B. He got him good and ripped him. B has a big gash across his face and big tear on his head. He also had little places near his ear and on his nose. He ended up with 8 stitches on his face and 9 on his head, and the little places were glued. He also has some scratches on his face and back.

Poor little guy was loaded up with Tylenol with Codeine and an antibiotic at the hospital, and also send home with prescriptions for both.

I couldn't help but laugh while he was getting all stitched up. He was, of course, crying and couldn't move and kept asking me to help him up. I was rubbing one of his cheeks and talking to him to let him know I wasn't leaving him. What made me laugh was when he started telling me, "I want an ice cream cone," and "I want a popscicle." The poor little man is laying there getting his head and face stitched up and telling me that he wants ice cream and popscicles. On the the nice nurses gave him a popcicle onces they were all done with his stitches. And we stopped on the way home to get him an ice cream cone. He even fell asleep for a little but while the doctor was stitching him up.

B is doing okay now. He took a nap after we got home from the ER. He ate his dinner and even played outside for a little bit. The other dogs all loved up on him, and he seemed to like that. When we went out to play after he ate dinner, he only wanted me to hold him. He didn't want put down at all until I showed him that the dog that bit him wasn't here anymore and reassured him that dog would not come back here. He is enjoying all the extra lovings that he is getting from me and the rest of the family, and from the other dogs.

As for the dog that bit him, he is being put down! Tank, what we called him, was picked up by animal control while we were still at the ER. There was a Deputy at the ER getting ready to leave when we got there, and when he heard dog bite, he called in animal control. I was glad to not have to worry about dealing with that once I got home with B.

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  1. I'm glad he's okay. Was it one of your dogs? Is the glue being used as stitches, if so, watch that he doesn't pull it off. Brian had the glue once and he pulled it off and we had to go back to the ER to get stitches put in.