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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun Filled Day

The kids had a fun filled day today. We started out by going to a children's festival that was held in town. The kids got to ride horses, pet goats, a sheep, a pig, and a rabbit, got to see Sponge bob, Patrick, Elmo, and Shrek. They also go to play in bounce houses. B LOVED it that the Lion's Club had a train there and he got to ride it.

After that we came home for a little bit that ran down the road to a church that was having a block party. There the kids got to play in yet another bounce house. They got to eat hot dogs, chips, popcorn. They got to play games to win candy. C did the cake walk a few times and won 2 cupcakes, then gave one to her little brother (who she claims she hates, but her actions tell otherwise). R did throw a fit that he didn't get a cupcake, but was reminded that he could have had a chance to win one had he did the cake walk that he refused to do.

After getting home, Pawpaw was going to get the tractor out to mow. Being that he is a HUGE Pawpaw's boy, B grabbed his jacket to go out with him. He wouldn't let me help him put it on though, he made Pawpaw put it on him. Not too much longer, Pawpaw comes carrying him into the house. Tired little man fell asleep riding on the tractor with Pawpaw, lol.

Being that we were going to be in the sun all day, I did remember to put sunscreen on the kids. However, I neglected to put any on myself, and K didn't put any on either. So I got a bit of a burn on my face. K got burned on his face, neck and head (since he shaved his hair off).

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