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Sunday, May 17, 2009


B just had to spend most of the day with Pawpaw today. First he kept saying he wanted to ride on the tractor, and Pawpaw needed to mow anyway, so B got his ride. The tractor ride put him to sleep, lol. He woke up grumpy as can be though. A little bit later he saw Pawpaw leave on the 4-wheeler and threw a fit. I ended up having to hunt Pawpaw down and take B to him. He wore Pawpaw out today, lol

B is still doing okay as far as his stitches, and has been taking his meds like a big boy.

R was a holy terror today. He kept picking on C. He was not listening at all.

R & C were fighting over the computer today, so now both are off the computer for now.

C got in trouble today for peeing in her pants. Her excuse was she was too busy giving her Barbie a bath to use the potty! She was giving the Barbie a bath in the bathroom sink! She was only 2 steps away from the potty! She wasn't very happy with having to clean the mess up herself, but maybe now she will learn.

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